Target Applications in FY 2012

◦Providing high-end simulation codes for strongly correlated quantum mechanical systems
◦Total Memory: 10〜100PB, low latency and high radix network
◦A DFT(Density Functional Theory) code with real space discretized wave functions and densities for molecular dynamics simulations using the Car-Parrinello type approach
◦Total Memory: 1PB
◦1EFLOPS (B/F = 0.1+)
◦A Global Cloud Resolving Model (GCRM)
◦Total Memory:1 PB, Memory Bandwidth: 300 PB/sec
◦100 PFLOPS (B/F = 3)
◦ocean general circulation model developed at Center for Climate System Research (CCSR), the University of Tokyo
◦Total Memory: 320 TB, Memory Bandwidth:150 PB/sec.
◦50 PFLOPS (B/F=3)