Xruntime is a collection of the runtime environment to provide a seamless programming environment ranging from small PC clusters to huge super computers.

File I/O Tools

STG is a file staging tool by means of which files required or created by an application are copied between local disks of compute nodes and some external systems, such as file servers, databases, web servers and so on.
Catwalk and Catwalk-ROMIO
Catwalk is an on-demand file staging tool which allows users to access a remote file server without any explicit file staging description. Catwalk-ROMIO is an MPI-IO device of Catwalk.
FILE I/O Optimization Tool
In order to reduce the global file system access ratio, a file caching mechanism is designed and implemented
I/O Tracer
Understanding file I/O access patterns is the first step to optimizing I/O. This I/O tracer tool tells when, what and how often I/O requests are issued.



MPI-Adapter converts the ABI of an MPI program linked with an MPI library to the other ABI of the other MPI library. Thus an MPI program running with MPI-Adapter can run on any Linux clusters, even those where different MPI libraries are installed.