Xabclib(eXteneded ABCLib)Project

This page is for Xabclib (eXtended ABCLib), which is a numerical library with auto-tuning facility. The library is supported by the grant of “Seamless and Highly-Productive Parallel Programming Environment for High-Performance Computing”, High Performance Library Sub Project (2008 – 2011), from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology, Japan.
Development Library
Xabclib:The numerical library which will be developed by this sub project.This is also software efforts on the head project, including a parallel
language XcalableMPand a script language Xcrypt.Xabclib supplies the following extended functions to the conventional library

  • Designing and developing a generalized auto-tuning interface library, OpenATLib.
  • Development functions, APIs, and implementations for the “AT policy”
    which is a strategy based on user specified preferences.


The application programming interface (API) library for auto-tuning facility,
which is developed by the project.


The sparse real symmetric standard eigenproblem iterative solver using
restart LANCZOS method with auto-tuning facility based on the OpenATLib.


The sparse unsymmetric linear equations iterative solver using GMRES(m) method with auto-tuning facility based on the OpenATLib.